Discover Stories with Dex

Discover with Dex is a three-level course for teaching English at pre-primary level. It has been designed to provide a supportive and enjoyable learning context for young children to learn through play in English. Click the button below to watch it again, where you can then download the certificate towards the end of the webinar, or alternatively you can just watch again on the Youtube video below.

Author Profile

Sandie Mourão (PhD) is a visiting professor at Universidade Nova Lisbon, Portugal, as well as a freelance teacher educator, author and educational consultant, specializing in early years language learning.  She has experience of working with all age groups and their teachers, but her main interest is pre-primary (ages 3 - 6 years). Sandie’s other passion is stories and picturebooks, and she regularly gives storytelling sessions in schools. Sandie has collaborated on a number of language learning courses including Best Buddies (Macmillan Mexico), Captain Jack and Discover with Dex (Macmillan Spain), all story-based courses and has also written resource materials. She is the co-editor of Early Years Second Language Education: International Perspectives on Theories and Practice (2015), published by Routledge and the open access e-journal CLELEjournal. Sandie has a website and keeps an interesting blog which you can read here.

Sandie’s  seven storytelling secrets

  1. Choose a story you like
  2. Get to know the story and practice reading / telling it
  3. Use your voice for effect
  4. Use gestures and facial expressions
  5. Respond to and acknowledge children’s responses
  6. Don’t worry if the children respond initially in the L1
  7. Retell the story over several lessons

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