Drama in the young learner classroom

We all face certain restrictions when teaching in a classroom. Many of us have limited resources, too little space and not enough time. However we all have one major resource which costs nothing, never runs out and is boundary-free; our imagination!

Even when we are teaching very simple language, we can encourage our children to think adventurously. For example, let's take the question 'Do you like cheese?' Does it have to be one school child asking another? Or could it be a pirate asking a mermaid, or a giant talking to an elf? How about two monkeys chattering whilst they sit in a rain forest? How might those characters talk, act, move, feel? By using simple drama techniques such as mime and improvisation we can create different situations in the classroom. In this way we will encourage our children to become more creative in their language, their thought and in how they express themselves.

In this webinar we will look at lots of different activities for pre-primary and primary classes, including some examples from the new Macmillan pre-primary course Learning Stars.