ELTea Time - Episode 6: Year-end Special

Join the Mac TEAm for the sixth and final episode of ELTea Time in 2021, where they discuss 2021 from an educator’s perspective. 2021 has been another turbulent and strange year for many of us educators and for our learners. Coping with the added pressures and changes in teaching environments has been stressful and can create feelings of uncertainty and negativity. Join us as the team explore 2021 and how they have been developing and looking after themselves and remaining positive. The team will discuss:
- The most popular topics and challenges for teachers in 2021
- Strategies for on-going professional development in 2022
- Top tips for how educators can improve their wellbeing in 2022
- Top tips for helping learners with their wellbeing in 2022
Grab a cup of tea and join us to find out more about the festive tips and what they mean for you and your teaching practice.