Exam classes: creating order out of chaos

Support your students through their Cambridge English: First exams and find effective strategies to revise and deal with stress with exams author Roy Norris.

What will I learn? 

This webinar covers: 

  • ways of reducing stress for students by creating order out of the apparent chaos of language.
  • the differences between exercises which merely test (creating confusion and uncertainty) and those which actually teach (and help students progress).
  • guidance on how to organise language, and so make it easier to learn.
  • advice on strategies for dealing with reading, writing and speaking tasks.

There is downloadable material above for you to use with your First Certificate classes or adapt for other exam classes.

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Author profile

What inspired and continues to inspire you to work in ELT? 

The opportunity to share my passion for language and the immense satisfaction to be obtained from helping  others progress in their ability to use English.  

What question are you asked most often by teachers and how do you respond? 

Question: Will you be writing Ready for Proficiency? Answer: I'm afraid not. There are currently no plans for such a book, and besides, having recently brought out third editions of Ready for First and Ready for Advanced, I owe it to my wife and two daughters – and my health – to spend less time at the computer.

Tell us about your most recent projects with Macmillan. 

I'm extremely happy with the new (third) editions of Ready for First and Ready for Advanced. They both have a fresh, but familiar feel to them, and were written with the benefit of my fifteen years' experience of writing coursebooks. I'm also very fond of the non-exam Straightforward (Advanced), the second edition of which came out in 2013. It's like a favourite music album – I never grow tired of it. 

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Ready for B2 First

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