First Classes and Beyond

With Rebecca Robb Benne, Rob Metcalf and Robert Campbell

How can you make a positive start to the new academic year and establish a good relationship with your class? How can you engage and activate your students while at the same time challenging them to aim high and invest in their own learning? In this webinar we'll be looking at ideas for those important first classes, as well as focusing on key principles to get the most from your students throughout the year.

During the webinar we'll be referring to our new secondary course Beyond, while discussing how the principles can be applied to any secondary material or teaching context.

About the presenters: Rebecca Robb Benne, Rob Metcalf and Robert Campbell are the authors of Beyond, Macmillan's new international course. They have also all worked on the award-winning Global.

Rebecca has been involved in language teaching for over twenty years as a teacher, editor and writer. She has co-written the advanced level of Move (Macmillan), the Heroes series (OUP), Aspire Upper-intermediate (Cengage), New Highlight 3-5 (Cornelsen Verlag) and Smart English A2 (Brookemead ELT).

Rob has over 20 years of experience as a teacher. He started to write material as a contributor to iT's for Teachers, and then as co-author of courses for online school Net Languages. He was co-author of the advanced level of Framework (Richmond) and three workbooks in the same series, and co-wrote the four-level secondary course English in Motion (Richmond).

Robert has worked as a teacher, an ELT magazine editor, and an author. He has written several readers including Owl Hall (Macmillan) and The Green Room (Helbling) which won a 2013 Learner Literature Award. For many years he edited and published iT's for Teachers, a magazine for teachers of English. In his spare time he writes and performs songs.

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