Happy Birthday onestopenglish

Thanks to everyone who attended our Happy Birthday onestopenglish day of webinar. You can now watch all the webinars again, where you will be able to download the certificate at the end.

Using technology for student-centred learning

Tom Walton: 14.00pm (UK time)

Who is it for? 

This webinar is aimed at teachers who might not know a lot about technology, but who may teach students that do. The ideas and activities presented in this webinar are designed to be flexible and adaptable to teach students at A1 leveland above, of any age and interest. 

What’s it about?

In this session, Tom Walton explores a few of the ways in which your learners can use their phones and computers to create and share things and, most importantly, learning English as they do so.

What you will learn

What you will get from the session are some simple, practical ideas that will get learners playing not with technology, but with language. As the ideas presented are simple, they come with few (if any) technological headaches.


Tom started out in language teaching back in 1979 in Barcelona, where he's lived and worked ever since. Some of his ideas for using smart devices that have worked best in language classrooms have appeared in the Tech Tools for Teachers series on onestopenglish. In addition, he posts ideas for things learners could do with technology on his blog and on Twitter.

When he's not sitting in front of a computer, Tom doodles and collects quotations, two hobbies he's exploited on another blog for Spanish teachers

Emerging pedagogies

Daniel Barber: 15.00pm (UK time)

Who is it for? 

This webinar is for those of us interested in how certain technologies are shaping language learning and teaching, how we might use them to enhance our lessons, and the pitfalls we need to avoid. Sign up if you want to take your first steps along the path to a more connected classroom.

What’s it about?

The webinar will examine different aspects of  emerging  pedagogies: how they can reshape lesson dynamics (flipped and blended learning), how they are impacting on the objectives of teaching and learning (digital literacy) and how they might sit alongside the overarching pillars of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. During the webinar, Daniel will suggest a few practical ideas to start experimenting with these areas of digital pedagogy. Be ready to participate and share ideas!

What you will learn

By the end of the webinar, you’ll have: 

  • a better awareness of what such things as blended and flipped language learning look like
  • some guidelines on how to approach these concepts and practices  
  • some tips for incorporating related methodologies into your classes


Daniel Barber is a teacher, trainer and writer. He writes materials for learning, including courses for Macmillan and onestopenglish, including many of the Macmillan Readers audio serializations. Current interests include motivational factors in learning, evidence-based teaching and the relative strengths of adults and children in SLA. He co-wrote From English Teacher to Learner Coach, a book about what learners can do when they’re not in class. He lives in Cádiz, Spain, where he sometimes goes running with his dog and plays the ukulele.

 www.learnercoachingelt.wordpress.com @BarberDaniel

A cinematic experience – from authentic English to imaginative listening

Luke & James Vyner: 16.00pm (UK time)

Who is it for? 

This webinar is aimed at both new and experienced teachers and aspiring authors with a keen interest in using audio and video resources in the classroom. 

What's it about?

The webinar will focus on the cinematic experience and benefits of two listening series and a video series created for and available on onestopenglish:   

James will discuss the scripting process,  production values and the inclusion of interesting elements of post-production (from music to sound effects, to visual montages) in order to create contemporary video and audio resources. 

Luke will discuss the pedagogical aims and methodology behind of all of the associated teaching materials and the benefits of using these kind of productions in the classroom to engage the modern day learner.

The webinar will include relevant examples of audio and video content where applicable and there will be plenty of time for participants to ask questions at the end.

What you will learn 

As a teacher you will come away more equipped and (hopefully) more inspired to use our onestopenglish lessons with a better understanding of the creative and methodological process behind our materials.


Luke and James Vyner are an EFL author team and production house (Creative Listening) rolled neatly into one. 

Luke is Cambridge DELTA qualified with over 12 years of teaching experience. Having studied theatre, foreign languages  and radio drama, he oversees all educational aspects of our work. As well as scripting and designing lessons, he helps direct video and audio projects and performs as a video presenter and voiceover actor. 

James researches, scripts and produces. He is a professional sound designer, musician, audio and video producer and digital expert. He's also the creator of the critically acclaimed Soundmap Audio Experiences, having created audio tours for various museums, The Guardian, Warner Bros and The National Trust.   

As a team they strive to create ground-breaking audio and video resources with sound pedagogical objectives in EFL and beyond.