Mind the gap: Designing materials and activities for intercultural training - Simon Greenall

Simon Greenall is a textbook writer and a past  President of IATEFL (1997 - 99). He has published many books including exam material, business English, adult and secondary courses, as well as radio and television programmes. One of his best-known publications is the Reward series, which has been used in many countries around the world, and is now a Ministry of Education-approved series for Egypt.

His recent work includes secondary courses for Brazil, Poland, Greece, Turkey, as well as a textbook series exploring cultural values, attitudes, beliefs, customs and traditions around the world called People Like Us. At the moment he is an advisor on secondary school course material for Palestine, and Co-editor in Chief for New Standard English, a Junior and Senior High school coursebook series for China.

Simon has given workshops and conference presentations in over 40 countries around the world.