Top Tips to Boost Your Business English Lessons

No matter how long we've been teaching Business English (since last Monday or for a lifetime), we all need the occasional shot-in-the-arm to reinvigorate our practice - be it a refreshing new take on an old technique, a fool-proof framework lesson, an inspired ready-to-go worksheet, a fun filler activity or simply the discovery of a highly exploitable 'little gem' online. In this lively online session with Mark, we'll be getting all of these - in fact, as many as we can cram into the 60 mins!  - plus the chance to ask questions, share ideas and explore some new directions in Business English.

Mark Powell: Top Tips to Boost your Business English Lessons

Mark Powell is one of the world's leading Business English communications trainers and the senior partner in a specialist language training consultancy based in Barcelona. In his 20-year career he has worked with a wide range of Global Fortune 500 companies as diverse as Nestlé, BMW and Credit Suisse.

Mark is also a director of a publisher of intercultural communication and language games based in Munich.

A dynamic and popular speaker on the international conference circuit, for the last 10 years Mark has also been a top trainer for the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Certificate in Teaching English for Business, training more than 500 intercultural communication professionals from 20 different countries. He also offers the world's only Certificate in One-to-One Language Coaching.

Mark's best-selling language and business skills books, including the intermediate and upper intermediate levels of Macmillan's highly successful In Company series, are regularly in use at Pepsi, BP, Citibank, Yahoo, Daimler Chrysler and Exxon Mobil, amongst many others.

Mark's main interest, outside Business English, is in all aspects of live performance from classical rhetoric, voice coaching and drama training to Elizabethan theatre, storytelling and stand-up comedy.