Using literature to teach English

A bit like Marmite, opera or tattoos, literature as a learning tool is either loved or hated by teachers. Those steeped in lit. crit. likely feel a desire to impart their joy of books, plays and poetry on students, but I'm guessing most of us find Literature (with a big 'L') a turn off. I hope to illustrate simple activities that use literature (in its broader sense, with a small 'l') to generate useful English practice for our learners, provide variety for our classes and make learning memorable. I will also underline the benefits of extensive reading and drama in ELT, exploring our role in promoting these.

About the presenter: Daniel is a teacher, trainer and writer who lives in Cádiz, Spain. He has published materials for Macmillan, including titles for their Literature Collections, and coursebooks for Richmond. You can find his lessons and articles on literature on OneStopEnglish

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