Young Learner Literacy Day

Join a selection of our ELT authors including Viv Lambert, Jeanne Perrett and Ola Refaat for our Young Learner Literacy Day - an entire day of talks dedicated to helping you in your primary and pre-primary classroom.

Ola Refaat

Home-School Link: Linking the two big worlds!
For a young child, home and school are the two main worlds that their lives revolve around. A smooth and harmonious connection between home and school ensures a stable and healthy learning environment for our young pupils. Supporting parents with the right tips and tools to provide little amounts of home practice daily can make a huge difference in developing essential literacy skills.

Viv Lambert

Storytelling in the 21st Century classroom
Stories are an ideal platform for language learning and for developing literacy. Using examples from Story Central, teachers will come away with a clear understanding of the methodology supporting storytelling in the Primary classroom and ideas on how to use stories with their class in ways that go beyond language learning and into the realms of critical thinking.

Jeanne Perrett

The Three Ps: Puppets, plays and paying attention
How can we encourage our young learners to focus? Some children have natural concentration skills; others need encouragement to understand what they are learning. Using puppets and acting out simple plays in the classroom not only helps with their language skills, but with the important life skill of paying attention.

Ola Refaat's Presentation Jeanne Perrett's Presentation Viv Lambert's Presentation