My English Trip 2nd Edition

Explore the world of English and be part of the global community!

My English Trip 2nd Edition is a fully renewed six-level course for primary children with up to 3 periods of English a week, aligned with official curricular objectives.

With My English Trip 2nd Edition children will explore the world of English and, at the same time, develop their social-emotional skills and an awareness of the world around them. The series empowers students to thrive as committed members of the global community and provides teachers with the tools they need to make their classes memorable and relevant.

Key features

  • My English Trip 2nd Edition includes a completely new Reader per level with stories, poems, texts and activities that promote the development of thinking and social-emotional skills, allowing students to become proactive global citizens.
  • New projects and games give children the chance to use the language in meaningful ways while working collaboratively and creatively.
  • Renewed stories and appealing characters in the Pupil’s Book will make learning more memorable and entertaining.
  • Constant recycling and integration of grammar structures and vocabulary together with a self-discovery approach secure students’ understanding and consolidation of the new language.
  • The new digital components in the Student and Teacher Apps will motivate learners by giving them more chances to practice in a game-like way and help teachers deliver stimulating lessons.

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