Share It!

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Share It! is a captivating 7-level primary course that helps students develop the language and skills needed to become confident users of English.

By creating opportunities for sharing experiences and exchanging information, Share It! helps young learners achieve real communicative competence. Nurturing a sense of empathy, where everyone’s progress is valued, the course instils a growth mindset in students, enabling them to achieve more in their learning. Share It! also gives teachers all the tools they need to create a positive classroom environment, focusing on the values of respect, kindness and responsibility.

Key features

  • Share It! guides students to understand and use English through contextualized presentations, video animations, and controlled practice in three different models: Pair Share, Group Share and Class Share.
  • Share It! focuses on the values of respect, kindness, and responsibility, which promote a culture of integrity and safety in the classroom.
  • Real-world content, CLIL and culture lessons, as well as collaborative projects give students hands-on opportunities to engage with authentic topics and provide real reasons to use the language.
  • Teachers are supported with a practical Teacher Reflection Plan to help them to develop effective techniques that lead to better learning, and the student’s Sharebook means that no preparation or photocopying is required!
  • The Classroom Presentation Kit in the Teacher App helps to deliver stimulating lessons, while the Student App on Navio, with gamified language practice, motivates learners to repeat activities and achieve better learning outcomes.

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Fully flexible course

If you teach remotely or would like to add an online learning element to your face to face classes, we have reconfigured and enhanced this course with digital components, making it ready for any scenario. The listing below shows you all of the components available for this course.

Student Book with Sharebook and Navio App

Lessons in the Student Book develop the language skills learners need to become confident users of English. With the Sharebook, which contains carefully scaffolded communicative activities, there is no need for photocopying. This blended solution includes the Student Book (print and digital), Sharebook and an access code to the Sharebook eBook and Navio App.


The Workbook provides reinforcement of the Student Book lessons' content, and can be used in class or as homework.

Digital Student Book with Sharebook and Navio App 

Share It! helps students develop the language and skills needed to become confident users of English. This fully digital solution enables teachers to take teaching online instantly and confidently. It provides access to the Digital Student Book, Sharebook ebook and Navio App.

Teacher Edition with Teacher App

The Teacher Edition includes a flexible Teacher’s eBook to allow for on screen lesson preparation, access to the Teacher App, Classroom Presentation Kit, Progress Tracker and Test Generator. The Teacher Edition includes lesson notes, lesson plans, teacher tips and answer keys. 

Navio is a next-generation digital platform that provides an enriched teaching and learning experience. Click here to learn more about Navio.

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