Macmillan English Grammar In Context

A cross-curricular three-level grammar practice series

Macmillan English Grammar in Context is a cross-curricular, 3-level grammar practice series for adult and young adult learners, designed to revise and consolidate key grammatical structures.

Macmillan English Grammar In Context, is a three-level grammar practice series with a difference. Incorporating contextual examples in grammar practice activities, Macmillan English Grammar In Context is a grammar book that can be used in both the classroom and for self-study.

Clear grammar explanations with traditional practice activities and contextual examples that include cross-curricular content areas such as literature, science, geography, history and social science are all included within the series.

Key features

  • A combination of everyday English and relevant academic language teaches students to use grammatical structures in context.
  • Exercises range in difficulty within each unit to allow learners to increase their confidence as they move from straightforward activities to more challenging ones.
  • A fully searchable glossary gives additional support and points of reference to facilitate learning outside of the classroom.
  • The Review section offers additional activities for students who want to check their understanding or for extra practice.
  • A CD-ROM includes extra practice and printable tests, making the course perfect for using both at home and in the classroom.

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