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Gateway to the World

Gateway to the World combines brand new content and digital tools with a methodology trusted by thousands of teachers around the world. Author Dave Spencer, a practising teacher of English, uses his first hand classroom experience to create a course guaranteed to resonate with teenagers and equip them with language and skills they need for life.

The successful ‘Gateway formula’ has prepared millions of students around the globe to succeed in the school-leaving and international exams, further study and the world of work. Thoroughly tested and  perfected as a result of extensive research, Gateway to the World is full of fresh and relevant material for great lessons that will excite and motivate teenage learners and enable them to achieve their goals at school and in life.

Key features

  • The Great Learners, Great Thinkers section, with its focus on Social and Emotional Learning, allows students to develop the emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills they will need for life.
  • With the Virtual Classroom Exchange feature, students can connect with their peers in another country, so they can learn about culture and practise their English in an authentic and rewarding context.
  • The Student’s App includes gamified activities to make language practice easy and enjoyable, and enables teachers to set assignments for students to complete on their favourite devices.
  • The Teacher’s App includes a Classroom Presentation Kit for fully interactive presentations and plenty of resources such as CLIL and Culture Worksheets, as well as materials for mixed ability classes.
  • A fully flexible component mix means the course can be adapted to any teaching scenario, whether delivering lessons face-to-face, online or using a blended approach.

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Fully flexible course

If you teach remotely or would like to add an online learning element to your face to face classes, we have reconfigured and enhanced this course with digital components, making it ready for any scenario. The listing below shows you all of the components available for this course.


Gateway to the World combines brand new content and digital tools with a methodology trusted by thousands of teachers around the world. With this blended solution consisting of the Student's Book, Digital Student's Book and Student's App you can move effortlessly between online and face-to-face classes.


This fully digital version of the Gateway to the World course enables teachers to take learning and teaching online instantly and confidently. It includes the Digital Student’s Book, Digital Workbook and access to ‘On-the-Go’ Practice through the Student’s App.


This blended solution includes print and digital versions of the Workbook, which offers consolidation of the core grammar and vocabulary from the Student’s Book, with extra reading, listening, speaking and writing practice.


The Teacher's Book with Teacher’s App provides everything needed for efficient preparation and delivery of classes, whether teaching in person or remotely. A Teacher’s eBook enables on-screen lesson planning while the Teacher’s App gives access to resources such as a Classroom Presentation Kit, audio and video, and a Test Generator.

Teacher's App

Try this walkthrough of our Gateway to the World Teacher’s App for Level B1 and B2. Discover the vastness of resources and how the course content can be used in any teaching scenario.