The LatAm Teachers’ Festival returns to bring the wonderful ELT community an incredible series of teacher development sessions over nearly 2 weeks from 7th to 17th August 2023

With practical advice at its core, we will be delving into such topics as assessment, inclusion, motivation, social-emotional learning, and making positive change from the classroom. Can't wait to see you there!

Here are the start times for EVERY session per region:

3:00pm - e.g. Guatemala, Nicaragua
4:00pm - e.g. Colombia, Ecuador, Perú
5:00pm - e.g. Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay
6:00pm - e.g. Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay

Festival Programme

Week One

  • "Motivation begins with how we feel"
    (60 mins)

    (for teachers of teenagers)

    If we want our students to stay motivated, we need to make sure they’re in an environment that is psychologically safe. In this session we will see why getting the students to pay attention to their emotional state can help them sustain their motivation.

  • "From Good to Great: Using Formative Assessment to Boost Exam Writing"
    (60 mins)

    (For teachers of exam preparation)

    Looking for ways to help your students take their exam writing to the next level? One of the best ways to boost writing scores is with the power of formative assessment. In this webinar we’ll explore the principles and best practices for formative assessment of writing, techniques for providing feedback, and ways of using assessment results to drive instruction.

  • "Planning for All: Making Everyone Feel They Belong"
    (60 mins)

    (For teachers of young learners)

    There are sometimes that some students don't engage with the activities that we have planned, and that creates chaos in the class. Why does that happen? And, What can we do to help ALL our students feel engaged and motivated to learn? In this webinar, you will learn about what is important to consider when you are planning your class and practical tips to help all your students get involved so they can thrive and make your class a success! Don't miss it!

Week Two


    Luisa Zenteno Bórquez​​​​​​

    "Building Primary Students’ Confidence for Exam Success"
    (60 mins)

    (for teachers of young learners)

    Positive exam results can help students demonstrate their language achievements and motivate them to continue to do well in school. But the nature of exams often causes stress and anxiety in students, and a fear of failure can negatively affect how they perform in exams. So how can we help build primary students’ confidence to ensure they give their best performance in exams?

    This session will introduce a range of simple activities to help boost students’ confidence and self-esteem, and explore a variety of approaches to ensuring students are familiar with the exam format. By building students’ confidence, we can ensure they give their best performance and maximise the potential for exam success.

  • "Curiously Communicative and Confident Kids"
    (60 mins)

    (for teachers of young learners)

    In this practical session for teachers of 7- to 12-year-olds, I’ll share effective, easy-to-implement classroom strategies that have engaged my pupils’ curiosity and given them greater confidence to learn and use English, both in the classroom and beyond.

  • "Mastering the Five Competencies of Social Emotional Learning" 
    (60 mins)

    (for teachers of young learners)

    Nowadays, everybody is talking about the importance of developing Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in the classroom to help students learn better. But how? In this webinar you will learn about what SEL is, what the five SEL competencies are, and also practical tips and activities to develop each one of them. Don't miss it!

  • "Changing the World, One Step at a Time"
    (60 mins)

    (for all teachers)

    Brand new for 2023 is the exciting global initiative, Change Makers, which invites students of all ages to share their hopes, dreams and actions for a better future. Join Harry Waters as he journeys through Change Makers World and find out how you and your students can make a difference.

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