Macmillan Education has been advancing learning for over 175 years. Since the earliest days we have established ourselves as a world leading publisher, building strong partnerships with educators, innovating in pedagogy and digital content, and inspiring learners to achieve more. 

In classrooms around the world we know how transformative learning English can be, and we are passionate about providing students and their teachers with everything they need to succeed in education, in the workplace, and in life. We do this by:

  • Listening carefully to the needs of teachers and learners, translating this knowledge into insights that shape the future state of education
  • Developing highly relevant content and resources that make teaching rewarding and learning effective, ensuring measurable successful outcomes
  • Building lasting relationships with teachers and lecturers, providing guidance, support and inspiration on their professional development journey
  • Connecting teachers with the latest research, new pedagogies and worldclass experts, sharing the best in global education and making it accessible locally

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