Making a Move with Excel English

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Viv Canal – Academic Manager

We have been using Move at all levels from Elementary to Advanced for the last six years. We use Move as a summer coursebook with students aged 16 and upwards. The average age of students during the summer is 23. The largest nationality groups are Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Swiss who tend to be confident, talkative and motivated. Their motivations for learning English vary but are based around improving their future job prospects, further education abroad, and international communication (travel and online).

Tell us about the school

There are a maximum of 12 students per class who take either 15 or 22 1/2 hours of English per week. The school has a Self-Access Centre with internet provision for students to do homework or practise on their own outside of class. We have got Interactive Whiteboards in half of the classrooms.

Why does the course work for you and your students?

Our students enjoy the communicative aspect of Move, which fits in with their interests and they find it motivating. For teachers, it fits in well with our communicative approach. The short units make it ideal for summer course study with great communicative activities that we can teach from in the allocated time. We particularly like the resources activities for each unit. We make good use of the Teachers’ Book resources as well as using the Student’s Book.

What is it about the course that made you choose it? What sets it apart from other general English courses?

It is a short course ideal for our four-week book cycles in the summer. Both students and teachers enjoy using it.

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