Story Time with Global Stage

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We want to give you as much support as we can during the current situation, where many of you are teaching remotely. We have prepared a selection of videos extracted from our primary course Global Stage, for teachers and students all over the world.

Story Time with Global Stage videos present a series of beautiful stories with text on screen, so your students can read as they listen. We have a different story for each level, covering levels 1 to 6.

Teaching Guides

To make the most out of using these videos for your online teaching, download the Teaching Guides of the Story Time with Global Stage videos. Follow the link underneath to sign up for this exclusive teacher material.


Level 1  Unit 4 Little Ant and Big Parrot, (Fiction)

Level 1 Unit 7 What's Inside? (Non-Fiction)

Level 1 Unit 8 The Storm (Fiction)

Level 2  Unit 1 The After-School Inventor (Fiction) 

Level 2 Unit 3 The Bear and I (Fiction)

Level 2 Unit 7 Great Teamwork (Non-Fiction)

Level 3  Unit 1 The Beginning of Alice's Adventures (Fiction)

Level 3 Unit 2 A New Friend (Fiction)

Level 3 Unit 5 Bethoveen's 9th (Fiction)

Level 4  Unit 3 A Friendly Message (Non-fiction)

Level 4 Unit 5 Sinbad's First Voyage (Fiction)

Level 4 Unit 10 The Wrinklecrinkle Man (Fiction)

Level 5  Unit 2 Arthur's Adventures (Fiction)

Level 5 Unit 4 Delivery Dan (Fiction)

Level 5 Unit 9 The Weaver (Fiction)

Level 6  Unit 2 Why Do We Sleep? (Non-fiction) 

Level 6 Unit 4 An Enlightening Journey (Fiction)

Level 6 Unit 5 The Boy who drew cats (Fiction)

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