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As well as catching up with friends and  family, summer can be a good time to take some time to catch up on some of the great resources and professional development opportunities you may have missed while busy teaching.  

Here are 5 things you might like to do in order to ‘skill up’ this summer!

1. Watch and learn

Catch up on all our webinars and highlights on what you may have missed: 

Young LearnersBring creativity into your classroom with Carol Read.

Study SkillsBoost study skills with Dorothy Zemach.  

Business and AdultsDiscover the key to powerful public speaking with presenter and expert vocal coach, Carol Noakes.

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2. Pick up top tips

Young Learners: Pick up some 'roaring-great' teaching tips from Tiger Time author Mark Ormerod! Look out for 4 new videos this month.  

Teenagers: Recap the essential life skills your teenage students need with these videos and accompanying activity cards inspired by Beyond.

Adults: Learn how to use videos effectively in the classroom in this latest instalment of our Skill up in language and life video series, presented by Steve-Taylore Knowles. 

Business: Watch the latest instalment in our Build up your Business Skills video series, all about teaching soft skills and people skills, presented by In Company 3.0 author Ed Pegg! 

Business and Adults: Discover tips to succeed in a job interview in the first of our Open Mind Skills for Work videos and worksheets.

3. Sharpen your language skills

Grammar: Learn all about the importance of language in context as Michael Rundell introduces 'real grammar' in ourMacmillan Dictionary series of videos and blog posts.

Pronunciation Skills: Join Adrian Underhill for a full series of videos on how to teach pronunciation and explore activities plus our interactive phonemic chart over on onestopenglish.

4. Boost your life skills

Refresh your teaching and get motivated with our dedicated section on life skills for teachers.

Why not take our quiz to find out what kind of teacher you are or watch life skills expert Emma-Sue Prince presenting tips to help you get the most out of your classroom.

5. Take time to read

Learn new teaching techniques and pick up some tried and tested activities for the new term with our series of expertly written methodology titles.

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