The simplest and most enjoyable way to learn programming, 3D design and robotics. A 360o solution, bMaker comes with everything you need to implement these competences in your school.

bMaker brings all technology competences to the classroom in a simple, creative and flexible way. Students go from being technology users to tech-savvy content creator, all while boosting their creativity, developing skills such as teamwork and problem-solving strategies, improving their academic achievement and preparing for their future in a fun and inspiring way. Using the STEAM approach along with project-based learning, bMaker is the perfect platform for students to acquire knowledge in a fun and meaningful way.

Key features

  • Interactive content for students and a complete classroom management system for teachers.
  • 100% digital content that guarantees sequential learning.
  • Classroom material includes an educational robot, equipment packs or the Zum Kit Junior and Zum Kit Advanced robotics kits, depending on the level.
  • Support and follow-up - we provide all the support you need throughout the entire school year.