Snappy Sounds

Snappy Sounds is a systematic, synthetic phonics program, built by world leading educators, authors and speech pathologists, designed to make teaching phonics as simple and as speedy as possible for you and your class. Using Snappy Sounds will have pupils reading and enjoying their first book by the end of week 1.


• An explicit and snappy teaching routine that reduces preparation time

• A mastery teaching sequence that dedicates a quarter of lessons to consolidation and catch up, so that you can set the right pace for your students

• Engaging and modern decodable books that allow students to apply and practise their learning from week 1

• An assessment check that reveals exactly where students need further support

• Snappy Sounds is organised into eight levels: Levels 1-4 cover Foundation and Levels 5-8 cover Year 1.

Key features

  • The Snappy Sounds decodable books include:
  • Systematic introduction and revision of the letter-sounds correspondences, introduced by the series’ teaching sequence.
  • A wide variety of fiction and nonfiction text types, which have meaning and are designed to engage all students’ tastes.
  • Age appropriate vocabulary and text that is not highly predictable, so students are not encouraged to guess.
  • Guided reading notes that include before and after reading activities. These activities provide robust practise of decodable and high frequency words, as well as comprehension and vocabulary checks, and fluency activities.
  • Consolidation & revision books, allowing all students to practise what they have learned to date, whilst providing teachers with time to support students who have not yet mastered the letters and sounds in that level.