Talk About Texts


With its unique approach, Talk About Texts integrates the teaching of reading, vocabulary and oral language skills into one rich and effective program which will help you to save time and achieve more.

The Talk About Texts resources seamlessly integrate a number of oral language instructional strategies to teach the four elements of talk through your guided reading sessions: listening and responding, building vocabulary, having fluent conversations and questioning.

Both Vocabulary for Reading and Vocabulary for Talking are robustly taught and practised throughout the guided reading sessions using a variety of strategies, including focused questions, answer frameworks and flashcard use.

Talk About Texts’ talk-based approach also provides the perfect opportunity to prepare students for writing with opportunities for oral rehearsal followed by quick post-reading activities.

Each Student Book is finely levelled to systematically build students’ reading skills and confidence.

Key features

  • The Talk About Texts Student Books include: • full coverage of text types, enabling students to build robust comprehension skills across a broad range of texts • links to other learning areas of the Curriculum, including Science, Humanities, Social Sciences, and The Arts, allowing you to match texts to your teaching topics and students interests • post-reading activities at the end of every book, providing opportunities for students to develop personal response to the text by thinking, talking and writing. eBook versions of the Student Books are available online for independent reading on a tablet device or computer, or for shared reading on an interactive whiteboard. Optional audio supports development of fluency and expression during independent reading.