ByME Biology and Geology

ByME Biology and Geology helps students discover scientific topics through enquiry and inquisitive thinking.

The book introduces students to the key concepts and topics of secondary Biology and Geology with carefully scaffolded resources that build knowledge and confidence throughout the course. The project shares a philosophy of learning grounded in science education research and best practices. Students have plenty of opportunities to master scientific skills and exposure to scientific language while practicing the four skills of English through communicative CLIL activities.

Key features

  • ByME Secondary nourishes students’ curiosity, encouraging them to ask questions and use their critical thinking skills to solve problems.
  • Extra contents: also includes a digital proposal of Project-Based Learning with the objective of developing students’ critical thinking and autonomy in learning.
  • Student’s Book with flexible combinations of volumes.
  • Teacher’s Book with answers to all activities in the Student’s Book.
  • Digital Student’s Book with Interactive resources.
  • Photocopiable resources.