ByME Geography and History

ByME Geography and History is a perfect bridge to ensure students have a seamless transition from Primary to Secondary Education. It leads students through our increasingly complex world, aiming to familiarise them with key issues from a global perspective and from multiple viewpoints.

Its use in the classroom guides students in forming independent and contrasting opinions on issues relating to society and its history. ByME challenges students to think critically and independently, not just memorise information.

Key features

  • Simple unit structure with easy navigation.
  • Cognitively graded activities.
  • Content that keys into popular interests of adolescents.
  • Focus on developing written and oral presentations.
  • Student’s Book with flexible combinations of volumes.
  • Teacher’s Book with answers to all activities in the Student’s Book.
  • Also includes a digital proposal of Project-Based Learning with the objective of developing students’ critical thinking and autonomy in learning.