ByME Physics and Chemistry

ByME Physics and Chemistry engages students right from the start, enabling students to confidently work within a scientific framework while being presented with a solid foundation in Physics and Chemistry.

It is the best preparation for CLIL-oriented programs, with the right amount of language exposure and practice, using academic texts as the main source of knowledge. Students face a seamless progression from Primary to Secondary. Regular revision and extension exercises help consolidate learning while challenging students to reach the ultimate quest for scientific knowledge.

Key features

  • • ByME Secondary nourishes students’ curiosity, encouraging them to ask questions and use their critical thinking skills to solve problems. • Extra contents: also includes a digital proposal of Project-Based Learning with the objective of developing students’ critical thinking and autonomy in learning. • Student’s Book with flexible combinations of volumes. • Teacher’s Book with answers to all activities in the Student’s Book. • Digital Student’s Book with Interactive resources. • Photocopiable resources.