ByME Arts & Crafts

Published in 2013, ByME Arts & Crafts is by now the most adopted textbook for the subject of Artistic Education in Spain. It includes a wide range of artworks from different historic periods, showing different kinds of art techniques and introducing artists from all over the world. A simple, student-centred methodology ensures the participation of every child.

Simple and effective methodology, special sections with language support, extension activities

for fast finishers and also includes group projects.

Key features

  • 6 level Student’s Books.
  • A full-colour Teacher’s Book with step-by-step lesson plans.
  • A pack of 96 printed flashcards (in levels 1 & 2) and photocopiable resources.
  • A Digital Platform.
  • Language reference to help students talk about artistic concepts.
  • Specific Picture Dictionary of art techniques, with clear real-life photographs.