ByME Music

ByME Music covers all key content related to music concepts, listening, musical performance, dance and movement. The Teacher’s Book includes cross-curricular links to Natural Science, Social Science and Arts & Crafts to promote global, meaningful learning.

At home, students can further explore new concepts and practise vocabulary in a digital format. Appealing songs, musical extracts and illustrations, combined with a communicative approach. Plenty of English language support and practice, fun sections, and hands-on activities.

Key features

  • 6 large-scale, full-colour posters, 96 printed flashcards and digital flashcards.
  • Teacher’s Book with lesson plans and easy-to-follow instructions for each lesson.
  • 2 audio CDs: CD 1 - motivational musical extracts and didactic songs. CD 2 - recordings of the introductory texts and recordings for auditory discrimination activities.
  • Learning Kit: presentations, interactive flashcards viewer, interactive activities, lyrics, etc.
  • Teacher’s Kit: worksheets, wordlists, music scores, syllabus, parent letters, audio bank, evaluation grids, etc.
  • Family Corner: wordlists, presentations in English and Spanish, full-colour posters.