Max Maths Adaptive Practice

Max Maths Adaptive Practice works on an annual subscription model with an unlimited number of users per institution and location. The pricing varies according to your syllabus and school years.

This unique and powerful digital learning platform will help improve your students’ ability, and results in mathematics.

Using the award-winning technology created by bettermarks GmbH, Max Maths Adaptive Practice personalises the learning of each student by recognising knowledge gaps and repeated errors, and provides feedback and support to help correct mistakes.

The entire programme contains over 40 interactive maths books with 100,000 questions and explanations for the leading international curricula. It can be used flexibly by teachers as a blended learning tool, or as a stand-alone resource. Assign exercises to complete in class, or at home, and get the results at the click of a button. No collecting, no marking – just results.

Max Maths Adaptive Practice offers:
• a powerful platform for assigning practice, tracking performance, and evaluating results of entire classes or individuals
• over 100 exercise types and calculation tools for answering and visualising problems that mirror work traditionally done on paper
• a substantial bank of hints, mathematical terminology, examples and full explanations to support students in their work
• the flexibility for teachers to select and assign exercises around a core text, or to create new material tailored to students’ needs in print or digital format
• motivation to improve and complete assignments through the use of coin banks and positive reinforcement along the way.