Max Science Enquiry Boxes

The Max Science Enquiry Boxes series is a flexible resource to support International schools that are following the Cambridge Primary science curriculum framework. 

Activities throughout the series support a student-centred, hands-on approach, and guide learners through the stages of design thinking, planning work, presenting evidence and drawing conclusions.
The Max Science Enquiry Box series helps students develop their understanding of concepts through practical application, while teachers are supported in delivering a modern and relevant science class.
A ‘Scientific Enquiry’ strand is also included to support teachers and students who need to focus on the development of enquiry-based learning skills, and raise confidence with the approach. 

Key features

  • four strands to support the Cambridge Primary science curriculum: Chemistry, Biology, Physics and ‘Scientific Enquiry’
  • support for teachers who need to focus on the development of enquiry-based learning skills with their students
  • embedded language support for learners and teachers whose first language is not English
  • over 100 free, downloadable online resources for each stage which includes Worksheets, Teacher’s Notes (with language support) and Answer Keys
  • step-by-step guidance for teachers on how to approach and scaffold lessons appropriately to encourage students to work both independently and collaboratively on key tasks.