Max Science

Max Science primary is a highly engaging and effective print and digital scheme based on the most successful teaching methodologies used in world science today.

Over 6 stages (Years 1 - 6), Max Science primary introduces students to the key concepts and topics of primary Biology, Chemistry and Physics with carefully scaffolded resources that build knowledge and confidence throughout the course. All the content has been written by a highly experienced and knowledgeable author team who share a philosophy of learning grounded in science education research. As well as following the most effective approaches for mastering scientific skills, our titles focus on the challenges posed by scientific language and are carefully designed to promote fluency of scientific language and terminology.

A Max Science lesson is based upon three key themes:

Orientation - Why are we doing this? What do we want to find out? Why is this important?

Exploration – Let’s explore, experiment and investigate. Let’s find out.

Accommodation – So what have we found out? What have we learnt? Let’s make a note. Let’s explain to each other. What did we think would happen at the start of the lesson?

Key features

  • 100% match to the Cambridge Primary Science Curriculum Framework (stages 1 – 6).
  • Integrates and clearly identifies the skills of scientific enquiry and critical thinking.
  • All materials are international in content, flexible and adaptable for all global regions.
  • There is English language support across all the resources to support CLIL teachers and learners whose first language is not English.
  • As part of the Macmillan Education International Curriculum ‘Promise’, the course includes continuous assessment, school-home journal, easy to use digital components, differentiation, tools for independent learning and full teacher support including professional development