Language Café 

Designed to connect people through English.

Student's Book with Student's App

The Student's Book has a robust skills, grammar and vocabulary syllabus with clear learning outcomes. It also includes a functional language strand presented through an engaging sitcom series. The Student’s App allows to learn on-the-go with over 300 activities designed to offer quick and flexible practice. Regular opportunities for meaningful communication with each lesson ending in a speaking activity. Functional language lessons provide learners with realistic models for their own language production. The Writing Bank at the back of the book includes writing activities which cover a wide range of genres matching the topic of each unit. Exposure to target language for class preparation and consolidation through the Student’s App.

Workbook without Key + Access to Audio

The Workbook provides additional support for the Student’s Book with print activities covering the course language, vocabulary and skills. This version comes with access to the Student Resource Centre for the audio files, and DOES NOT include the Answer Key. In each unit, there is a section for each of the main language lessons with practice exercises for grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Further practice is available for reading and listening skills and extension practice of the functional language. There is also a page dedicated to the Unit’s writing genre and skill.

Teacher's Book with Teacher's App

The Teacher’s Book is interleaved with the pages of the Student’s Book to make finding information easier. The Teacher’s App provides everything in one place including; classroom presentation tools, video & audio, Test Generator, video resources, photocopiables, and access to the content of the Student’s App to easily set homework. Answers to all of the Student’s Book activities are annotated on the page so there is no need for teachers to flick backwards and forwards. Answers to the reading and listening passages are also marked to make it easier to explain the correct answers to students.

Language Café video content

Comprehensive video content includes an engaging ‘sitcom’ series providing realistic models for learners’ own language production, and additional authentic video content offering further input for practice from sources such as The Guardian newspaper.

Café Hub video

*Language Café is a brand new course designed especially for teachers and students in Asia, adapted from Macmillan Education’s American Language Hub. We also offer British English version Language Hub, if you’re interested, please contact us via