Straightforward 2nd Edition (Split edition)

Teaching Made Simple

Straightforward Second edition (Split edition) is a 4-level English course that takes young adult and adult learners from Elementary to Upper Intermediate level using a methodical structure that encourages multi-skilled learning.

This series provides extensive productive skills development and practice. Language is contextualized and presented in either a spoken or written text. In every unit there is a balance of language learning and language use opportunities for communicative practice and a focus on functional or situational English.

Key features

  • Teach straight-of-the-page layout that makes the lessons intuitive and easy to follow.
  • The series comes with a wide variety of texts that focus on aspects of culture including a partial Macmillan Reader. 
  • Clear student progression and self-checking.
  • Strong focus on vocabulary development.  

Student's Book Pack

The four-level split edition has a combined Student’s Book and Workbook comprising 6 units from each. This split version is ideal for short courses, and each split level is mapped to CEFR objectives to help gauge progress. An audio CD is included providing all the listening material for the Workbook activities.

Teacher's Book Pack

The split edition Teacher's Book is ideal for short courses or when class facing time is limited and complements the split edition Student's Book / Workbook combined volume. Each split level is mapped to CEFR objectives to help gauge progress and comes with its accompanying class audio for Student's Book and Workbook listening tasks.

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