Student's Book and Webcode

The Student’s Book is a visually engaging, 12 unit book that focuses on developing the four skills through a specially devised syllabus. Each unit has engaging exercises and lifeSkills themed activities to develop key higher-order skills. A webcode provides access to mindOnline where supplementary activities and useful resources can be found.

Workbook and CD

The Workbook is an ideal source of additional activities to engage the students in further practice of the Student’s Book material. The dynamic and modern design makes the Workbook appealing to the user, while the engaging activities help to reinforce and recycle the material being learnt. The attached Audio CD contains all the listening material.

Teacher's Edition and Webcode

The Teacher’s Edition offers carefully planned and insightful teaching notes to prepare and support teachers. Useful sections provide cultural background information, lesson openers and extra activity ideas. An included webcode provides access to mindOnline where teachers have a range of digital and additional teaching resources available to them.