Setup is an upper-secondary course designed for DGB that has a competency-based approach, with cross-disciplinary topics, and emphasis on attitudes and socio-emotional skills development.

Setup is a Bachillerato course designed for DGB that incorporates competency-based learning, attitudes for life, and development of socio-emotional abilities, plus all the requirements for the 2019 Upper-secondary Educational Model. The series organizes the knowledge of the language around disciplinary axes: social, environment, health, communication, and reading skills.

Key features

  • Completely aligned to the new DGB Bachillerato program and the 2019 Upper-secondary Educational Model.
  • The lesson planning in all levels is divided into four units, each one related to a particular disciplinary axis, according to the DGB program.
  • The learning outcomes are related to cross-curricular topics.
  • The Student’s Book includes a workbook page (Extra Practice) at the end of every lesson, a cumulative Life skills (for socio-emotional skills) page per unit, a self-assessment section (Progress Check), and a Language reference section.
  • The Teacher’s Guide includes embedded Student’s Book pages with answers to all exercises, easy-to-follow notes, and rubrics for every learning outcome.
  • There is a variety of digital material for both teachers and students: class audio tracks, vocabulary flashcards,  grammar posters, a digital test generator, and printable worksheets (Life skills and Grammar).

Student´s Book 

Every level is divided into four units with five lessons each. Units focus on a particular disciplinary axis: social, environment, health, communication and reading skills. It also includes sections like Extra Practice, Life Skills, Progress Check and Language Reference. Units include:
• Reading, listening, speaking and writing strategies
• Oral or written texts with the target language in context
• Tips and activities related to information technologies
• Information about the use of English and practice on grammar contents
• Generic and disciplinary competency development
• Vocabulary identification and practice
• Life Skills activity to develop socio-emotional skills
• Life Skills page to consolidate the unit’s socio-emotional skills topic

Student's Digital Component

In the Setup Student’s Digital Component, students can listen to and download the class audios and their audio script.
The following printable resources are available as well:
• Grammar Drills for further practice. One per lesson
• Life Skills worksheets for each unit
• Vocabulary Flashcards for extended vocabulary practice

Teacher's Guide

Setup Teacher’s Guide provides the teacher with helpful notes and recommendations to carry out the learning activities and highlight the development of competencies.

Features included:
Embedded Student’s Book pages with answers to all the activities. 
Notes to all activities
Tips to make use of the material included in the Digital Components
Assessment rubrics

Teacher's Digital Component

• Downloadable class audio tracks 
• Online Test Generator to create and customize exams for each unit.
• Customizable lesson plans 
• Printable and / or projectable Grammar Posters 
• Vocabulary Flashcards
• Teaching notes for the Life Skills and answer keys to all the worksheets (Life Skills and Grammar) that are included in the Student’s Digital Component

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