In Company 3.0 ESP

In Company 3.0 ESP series combines the tried-and-trusted communicative approach from the acclaimed skills-based Business English series In Company 3.0 with the functional language and vocabulary students need in their specific professional context.

The In Company 3.0 ESP series is an extension of In Company 3.0, providing specialised English language content for in-service professionals. The job specialisation areas covered are general enough to appeal to a broad range of businesses and industries, but specific enough so that the material will be relevant to everyone who uses them. The material will be delivered in short, printed ‘modules’, designed for short courses of 25-30 hours teaching. Extra downloadable resources such as audio, video, teaching notes, and extra worksheets will be provided online with easy access to everything students and teachers need in one place. Teachers also get access to a projectable digital version of the Student’s Book, ideal for presenting the material on an IWB in class, for online training or remote teaching situations.

Key features

  • Tailored, relevant content for a range of job specialisations including Sales, Logistics, Corporate Finance, Investment and Supply Chain Management.
  • Short modules with manageable units make it ideal for intensive courses which fit in with students’ professional needs.
  • Authentic video interviews with real business professionals allow students to rehearse real-life work situations that are relevant to them.
  • Self-assessment checklists allow students to track and monitor their own progress and highlight areas for improvement.
  • The Teacher’s and Student’s Resource Centres give easy access to worksheets, as well as video and audio assets for additional practice at home or in the classroom.

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