Ready for PET

Ready For PET is a short and motivating course designed to help students prepare for success in the Cambridge Preliminary English Test using authentic exam-style tasks and activities.

Using a clear and thorough topic-based approach, Ready for PET familiarises students with tasks and activities found in the exam. Suitable for students of all ages, the course book is designed to be effective both in the classroom with a teacher and at home during self-study. Sample exercises, tips and advice will help students quickly consolidate their knowledge ahead of sitting the exam.

Key features

  • Ready for PET is a short course which consolidates students’ knowledge of the language relevant to the exam and develops their ability to use it communicatively.
  • 6 practice tests for reading, writing and listening equip students with all the knowledge, skills and tools they need to face the PET exam with confidence.
  • Clear and relevant exam tips are provided to students in the Get Ready boxes. 
  • The Student’s Book with key edition is available complete with listening scripts and sample answers to help students better prepare for specific tasks.
  • A full exam breakdown is supplied with detailed information on the marks available for each section, allowing students to organise and structure their learning.

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