Real world communication skills

Communicate is a two-book communication course specially written to improve listening and speaking skills through video-based activities, aimed at B1 level English students. All of the videos have been developed to give students best practice in the challenges they will face in everyday communication.

The course covers areas such as English in the personal sphere, English at work, academic English and English in a public or social context.

Key features

  • A variety of stimulating class activities
  • Thematic and interactive course videos
  • Regular progress checks (one per unit) that help teachers assess students on a regular basis
  • A wordlist with a summary of all vocabulary
  • Strong focus on three speaking tasks: describing a photo, oral presentations and projects

Student's Coursebook Pack

The Coursebook Pack builds speaking and listening skills through video based activities aimed at B1 level students. The vocabulary, speaking and listening sections are carefully staged with a final task that brings all the learning aims together. The accompanying Audio CDs and DVD improve listening skills and extend the material being learnt.

Teacher's Multi-ROM

The Teacher’s Multi-ROM holds a wealth of resources such as editable tests, teacher’s notes, answer keys, audioscripts as PDFs, and test audio files.

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