Effective Reading

A topic-based course to develop strong reading skills

Effective Reading is a topic-based 4-level course designed to develop strong reading skills.

By drawing on research into the competencies and skills that make good readers, Effective Reading incorporates motivational texts, extensive practice and dictionary work, teaching young adult and adult learners the essential skills they need to become good readers.

Key features

  • ● 12 topic-based units in each level offer motivating and varied reading texts, engaging students in the learning process.● Teachers can help students become successful readers through the reading skills development programme and step-by-step subskills practice while also developing other essential language skills.● Learners can independently monitor their progress using varied self-evaluation pages in each unit.● Comprehensive Teacher’s Notes and a useful Dictionary help to plan and implement highly engaging lessons.● A variety of texts in each unit, alongside the Macmillan graded Readers story extracts allows students to improve reading skills in a meaningful and enjoyable way.

Student's Book

The Effective Reading Student’s Book contains 12 topic-based units that build on the latest research into what makes a good reader. It includes specific vocabulary work and fluency development and each level comes with a complete short story from the Macmillan Readers series.

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