Essential Reading 2nd Edition

Essential Reading Second Edition is a 3-level course that teaches young adult and adult learners the essential reading skills through texts with a variety of engaging topics tailored to Asian learners.

Using the power of reading to improve essential language skills and develop life skills, this second edition offers a new design, updated materials to reflect changing society and trends, and a completely new Teacher’s Presentation Kit to aid classroom teaching. The course uses local and global topics appealing to Asian learners to capture students’ attention.

Key features

  • Motivates students and develops global citizens through the engaging local and global topics that apply knowledge and language in context.
  • Complete reading skills programme and step-by-step subskills help turn students into successful readers.
  • Comprehensive skills-building activities develop essential language skills.
  • Builds 21st century skills through the essential Life Skills activities for career and further study, preparing students for academic, professional and personal success.
  • Improves intensive and extensive reading skills through the Macmillan Graded Readers story in each level, enabling students to develop language skills in a thoroughly enjoyable way.

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