Come Together

Come Together is a three-level intermediate secondary series by best-selling authors Manuel Luna and Adriana del Paso. 
The series is aimed at enabling learners to handle both, written and oral texts. The activities in the series are related to familiar topics for learners; production is modelled and gradual to guarantee success. The methodological approach is driven through expected learning outcomes and through careful planning, development and collaborative work and socializing tasks.

Key features

  • This series offers students different opportunities to participate and collaborate in activities so that they: Take an active role in their own construction of learning.
  • Integrate language models and skills in oral exchanges, reading and writing.
  • Produce real exchanges and meaningful written material.
  • Reflect on and practice values and social skills.  

The Student’s Book includes:

Start-up, development and closure activities for the recovery and construction of knowledge.

• Information that promotes the development of critical thinking.
• Different moments for formative evaluation.
• Information that promotes development of critical thinking skills.



The reading component or Reader includes factual and literary texts, activation questions before reading, extension activities, a monolingual glossary at the foot of the page and at the end of each chapter, and a reference bibliography.

Teacher’s Guide includes:

• Start-up activities.
• Photocopiable assessment material for students and teachers.
• Answer key for exercises that require it.
• Notes for the development of reading moments during class.
• Cross reference for the use of Class CD material.

Class CD

• Audio tracks playable on any device.
• Printable flash cards that support reading moments during class.
• Printable posters that support the development of the social practice of language.
• Suggestions for the use of the materials contained in the Class CD.

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