Seize the instant with InstaEnglish 2nd Edition

Seize the instant with InstaEnglish 2nd Edition

InstaEnglish 2nd Edition is an engaging five-level course for secondary students which engages and prepares learners to cope with 21st century skills and demands. It offers a sensibly paced approach, developing not only the four skills in an encouraging learning environment, but also supporting every learner in the process through a range of age-appropriate activities.

English Type
American English
Number of levels
CEFR Levels
A1 - B2

The acclaimed 5-level American English course arrives in its second edition with a boost to the international, interdisciplinary, and multicultural approach that captivated teens and teachers across the globe. InstaEnglish 2nd Edition keeps the first edition’s best qualities – content that’s in tune with teens’ interests, clearly organized and easy-to-follow pages, new language introduced in a careful, graded manner, and the integrated four skills work – and adds much more. InstaEnglish 2nd Edition also stands by the diversity, immediacy, and need for students’ self-expression, nurturing their critical thinking skills to become conscious and collaborative global citizens.

What makes it special?

Combo edition

Find the Student’s book and Workbook structured in the same volume, which makes it easy to reach out for specific content in those components whenever relevant.

Gamified language practice

Gamified activities on the Student’s App encourage learners to practice English outside the classroom, while teachers can monitor their work through the Progress Tracker in the Teacher’s App.

Digital support

Learners can study and review content seen in class wherever they are through the On-the-go practice on the Student’s App, along with the digital version of the Student’s book available online.

New components

As well as the new digital resources, InstaEnglish 2nd Edition also brings a CLIL Book for those schools who wish to strengthen learners’ exposure to appropriate, real-world content, which enables them to thrive in any scenario.

Levels & Samples




The Student's Book is made up of a Starter unit, 8 regular units, 4 sets of review activities, plus 2 nifty sections: Digital Literacy after every 2 units, and Global Citizenship after every 4 units.



The InstaEnglish 2nd Edition CLIL Book promotes this approach through the integration of content from disciplines other than English, new language associated with the learning of that content, and language introduced in the grammar and vocabulary sections in the InstaEnglish 2nd Edition Student’s Book and Workbook.