Student's Book with CD-ROM

The Student’s Book Pack consists of a topic-based Student’s Book containing 15 units, which covers all the core skills in a fun and systematic manner. A magazine section provides fun games for students to tackle, while the review unit reinforces material being learnt. An accompanying CD completes the pack and includes a variety of extra activities.


The Move Ahead Workbook contains fifteen units, each corresponding to a unit in the Student's Book. The units contain a variety of activities, which provide extra practice for the material presented in the Student's Book, as well as encouraging study skills. A short test covering grammar and vocabulary after every fifth unit is included.

Teacher's Book

The Move Ahead Teacher's Book is designed to help busy teachers by providing a step by step guide for each unit. There are various classroom activities which are designed to be practical and adaptable to a wide range of teaching situations. Also included are extra activities to be used when time allows, or to keep keen students busy.

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