Phases 2nd Edition

Phases 2nd Edition keeps the main features of the previous edition with a completely new design and 30% new and updated texts dealing with topics that are genuinely interesting to teenagers.

The whole series reflects the wide range of different linguistic capabilities of students starting their secondary education, as well as their varied levels of experience and cultural awareness. All the reading texts included in the series aim to encourage students to learn about the world around them, since they are based on real contexts with specific cultural references.

Key features

  • A new Upgrade for Exams section at the end of each Revision provides international exam practice.
  • The Writing section has been improved to provide students with more scaffolding and to guarantee students’ confidence in their written production.
  • A whole Culture page at the end of each unit helps students become knowledgeable citizens, respectful of cultural diversity.
  • The CLIL Projects section at the back of the book and the Collaborative Tasks included in each Revision boost the development of team working skills.

Student’s Book + eBook

The Student’s Book brings plenty of additional materials: a section in each Revision with international exam-type activities (‘Upgrade for Exams’), Communication activities, CLIL & Projects, a section that teaches students how to edit their written work (‘Editing your Work’, Extra Reading with activities and a grammar reference with activities (‘Language Database’). It also Book brings a code to access the eBook, which includes embedded audio, video activities for the Culture pages, interactive Progress Checks, additional skills activities related to the Collaborative Tasks in the Revisions, an eReader with activities and the Workbook. The same code provides access to the Student’s Resource Centre with the downloadable audio for the Workbook.


The Workbook includes a Digital Competence Worksheet at the end of each unit as well as 4 integration worksheets at the back of the book.

Teacher’s Book + Class Audio CDs pack

Apart from the Class Audio CDs, the Teacher’s Book pack brings a code to access the enriched eBook (see description in Student’s Book + eBook above), the digital Teacher’s Book and the Teacher’s Resource Centre.

Split edition NEW 2022 - Student’s Book & Activity Book

Levels 1–3 of the series now have a split edition (A & B), which integrates into one book 4 units of the Student’s Book and the Workbook to cater for the needs of groups with shorter periods of English a week.

Macmillan Digital 

Digital resources are available for teachers and pupils at

Teacher’s Resource Centre with downloadable Teacher’s Book audio files, discrete and integrative tests, and photocopiable speaking tasks.

Student’s Book eBook enriched with audio, video, interactive activities and navigation tools. It is compatible with all devices and available online on our Biblioteca online or offline on our Macmillan Digital app. 

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