A three-level teenage course featuring a clear, systematic approach to grammar

Student's Book

The Student's Book has nine motivating, topic-based units to interest students. Each unit consists of three skills-focused lessons, a revision lesson and various challenging projects. The pairwork activities allow students to collaborate with each other, while a grammar summary and word list offer a useful way to refer to key points when needed.

Activity Book

The Shine Activity Book offers a wide range of extra practice material that complements and accompanies the learning from the Student’s Book. A review unit is found at the end of each unit which consists of more formal exercises, making for a great way to test students and monitor progress.

Teacher's Book

The Teacher's Book gives a clear step-by-step guide to using the course with lesson notes providing teachers with the ability to change and adapt the lesson to accommodate the class. Extra optional activities, ideas for warmers and homework suggestions are also included, along with answer keys and tapescripts for the exercises within the course.

Shine Grammar Student's Book

The Shine Grammar 1 Student's Book develops and consolidates all the grammar covered in Shine 1 and can be used with any coursebook. The lessons can be covered in one teaching hour.

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