Take The Lead

Take the Lead is Macmillan’s new UEMSTIS Bachillerato series designed to provide students with a solid base in English through cross-curricular content, competencies, and socio-emotional abilities

This course was designed for UEMSTIS Bachillerato students according to the new program and the 2019 Upper-secondary Educational Model to equip them with life-long learning abilities and language skills. It aims to develop not only disciplinary and generic competencies, but also socio-emotional abilities and cross-curricular content

Key features

  • Completely aligned to the new UEMSTIS Bachillerato program and the 2019 Upper-secondary Educational Model.
  • Lesson planning in all levels divided according to three blocks, according to three evaluation periods.
  • Student’s Book lessons include: prep activities, socio-emotional abilities development, self-assessment activities, and workbook pages called Workout.
  • The Student’s Book also include: cross-curricular projects to be developed using professional skills, socio-emotional abilities pages, language guide section, and visual glossaries.
  • The Teacher’s Guide includes embedded Student’s Book pages, detailed notes, answer keys, and rubrics for every learning outcome.
  • A myriad of digital material for teachers and students: class audio tracks, videos with subtitles, vocabulary flashcards, grammar posters, test generator, Student’s Book answers, and printable worksheets (Socio-emotional abilities, Grammar drills, and Video activities).

Student´s Book

Each level of Take the Lead is divided into three blocks with five lessons each.
All lessons are divided into three stages: Opening, Development, and Closure, and they are designed to be covered in two classes.
• At the beginning of every lesson the communicative goal, the grammar structures, and the vocabulary to be developed are listed.
• The Opening stage includes the presentation of language in context
• The Development stage includes an inductive grammar analysis activity, a deductive grammar activity, and activities for controlled and free practice
• The Closure stage provides activities where students produce the language covered. These can help build a portfolio of evidence
• The lesson ends with a socio-emotional activity related not only to a specific topic, but to the grammar and vocabulary from the lesson

Student´s Digital Component

To enhance their learning experience, students have access to digital material online, available for download:
• Subtitled videos for each block, where the target language is presented
• A set of printable Grammar Drills for further practice of the language contents of all the lessons
• Printable Socio-emotional Skills activities
• Printable Flashcards
• Downloadable class audio tracks

Teacher’s Guide

Take the Lead Teacher’s Guide provides the teacher with notes to help students carry out every activity and to direct them to develop the particular skills and competencies proposed for each level.

Features included:
• Embedded Student’s Book page and notes for each activity
• Suggested extra activities for further practice and notes for all the activities and features in the Student’s Book
• Answers for all the activities
• Assessment rubrics

Teacher's Digital Component

• Downloadable class audio tracks
• Student’s Book with answers
• Online test generator, a digital tool to create and customize exams
• Student’s Videos and Flashcards
• Student’s Grammar Drills and Video Activities with answers
• Grammar posters to print or project
• Teaching notes for the student’s socio-emotional activities
• Customizable Lesson plans

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