Hello JoJo

Develops a love of learning

Topics such as family, colour and food are all covered in Hello Jojo, giving children a familiar framework to learn and apply new language skills. Emphasis on movement and receptive skills reflects the cognitive development of the age group, while cross-curricular features encourage learning across a variety of content areas.

Key features

  • Children are introduced to the Roman alphabet through reading and writing activities that take a gradual and systematic approach.
  • Memorable songs, chants and raps encourage participation and actively develop listening and speaking skills.
  • The course follows a reliable and regular pattern, reassuring children and giving them a solid framework for learning.
  • The Student’s Book introduces children to early maths concepts, while an optional Numbers Book provides opportunities for extended learning.
  • Dedicated Phonics Lessons increase awareness of correct pronunciation and the relationship between sounds and letters.

Pupil's Book

This course for 2½-4 year olds conveys a love of learning English through fun, motivating games, stories and songs. The Pupil's Book covers topics from the children's world, such as family, colours and food. Simple stories are used to introduce the children to the idea of sequencing and prepare them for more complex concepts later on.

Activity Book

Hello JoJo for 2½-4 year olds conveys a love of learning English through fun games, stories and songs. There are two Activity Books to accompany the Pupil's Book, one for each term. Both contain a variety of activities combining language and number work. Topics such as family, colour and food are designed to be familiar to the children.

Teacher's Book

The Teacher's Book provides simple step-by-step plans for each lesson in the book. There are also additional activities to accommodate different lesson lengths and number of teaching hours, and different abilities within the class.

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