Rainforest Friends

Ayo, the Toucan and Sami, the Sloth are the leading characters in the Rainforest Friends, a joyful, engaging, versatile and easy-to-use new book for our very young learners!

These two distinct personalities support transitions and reflect the diversity of social and emotional needs present in each young learners’ classroom, making this nursery level a perfect match to any pre-primary course. Sami and Ayo will support the children as they take their first steps into English by learning some simple concepts such as colors, counting, movements, family members, feelings and others.Rainforest Friends will bring young learners close to home, highlighting our values, our culture and our natural resources. Simple. Engaging. Fun!

Key features

  • All pages detachable
  • High-level quality illustrations
  • Hands-on learning kits for each unit
  • CLIL approach to animal facts
  • Strong development of book awareness

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