You and Me

Two-level topic-based course reflecting the world of pre-school children You and Me is a two-level, topic-based course for young children learning English for the first time. The topics reflect the world of pre-school children and provide a natural context in which to present language. The course offers considerable flexibility in order to make the most productive use of material within different classroom situations. You and Me is a full-integrated course which incorporates an extensive phonics, reading, writing and numeracy programme.

Key features

  • Appealing course characters and enjoyable stories motivate children
  • Language is presented through a variety of exciting and enjoyable activities
  • Units follow a regular pattern giving the children a sense of security
  • Skills of reading and writing are systematically developed
  • Memorable songs, chants and raps develop listening and speaking skills
  • Fun and easy-to-use craft activities help children to learn by doing

Pupil's Book

The colourful Pupil's Book contains stories, songs, chants and games to keep children interested and motivated. At the bottom of each page there is a star shape on which the children can stick a star when they have completed a session. This will make them feel that they have worked hard, and will build their confidence and enthusiasm.

Activity Book

The You and Me Activity Book focuses on reading and writing practice through games and puzzles which are designed to help children develop pre-writing and writing skills. The activities also encourage speech. Each lesson contains a simple homework activity which will help to reinforce the material learnt already.

Teacher's Book

The Teacher's Book provides step-by-step plans for each lesson. There are core activities which cover the eight teaching sessions per week, as well as additional activities which can be used at the teacher's discretion. The Teacher's Book contains 18 photocopiable templates which support the art and craft activities, games and writing practice.

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