Big Bugs

A beautifully illustrated and lively four-level story-based course

Big Bugs is a four-level story-based course for primary children (ages 9-12). Big Bugs 1 and 2 provide continuity and progression by recycling and developing language learnt at the early stages of primary. There are eight story-based units with extra materials for key festivals in the year. These fascinating stories help to contextualize new language and provide opportunities for the children to communicate in English. Big Bugs 3 and 4 take a more mature approach to learning with the adventures of the pop group The Bugs Band. Children discover the real world through cross-curricular related activities and more attention is paid to language and grammar specifically. In addition, there is a communicative syllabus with an integrated and balanced approach to all four skills.

Key features

  • Eight story-based units with extra material for key festivals
  • Activity Book contains stickers, a picture dictionary, cut-outs and mini-books for extra practice of key words
  • Key vocabulary is presented and reviewed with the accompanying Flashcards and Story cards
  • Teacher’s Book provides detailed and comprehensive support for Teachers

Pupil's Book

The Big Bugs Pupil’s Book contains 64 full-colour pages which consist of 8 story-based units, a review unit and material for two festivals. There is also three double-page revision games intended to familiarise the children with English after the holiday periods. Each unit includes a story and four pages of activities.

Activity Book

The Big Bugs Activity Book follows on from the activities in the Pupil’s Book.  A double page of picture and word stickers are used to create a dictionary web to record the main vocabulary learnt. Also, included are four cut-out mini books which accompany the bubble stickers for extra practice on key words.

Teacher's Book

The Big Bugs Teacher’s Book aims to provide detailed and comprehensive support for teachers using the Big Bugs course. The inclusion of facsimile pages of the Pupil’s Book and Activity Book makes it very confident and easy to use in class. Also, included are unit tests and photocopiable material to accompany different activities.

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