Hop into English

Hop into English and enjoy a fun ride!

Hop into English is a new six-level series for primary level that accompanies pupils through the different stages of their learning process. The series grows together with children, both in its look and in the type of activities each level proposes.

This series is deal for Primary teachers with up to 3 contact periods a week who want their pupils to develop the taste for reading while learning the language.

Key features

  • Stories with loveable characters and varied text-types help children develop a taste for reading and make their learning more pleasurable and fun
  • The approach to the learning of language structures moves on from meaningful exposure to activities that help pupils understand how these structures work, making them more aware of the language features
  • Activities throughout the series boost the development of life skills such as creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, autonomous learning, responsibility, collaboration, cultural awareness and respecting diversity
  • Writing is introduced gradually as from Level 1 through guided short pieces that prepare pupils for freer productions in the last two levels.  

Learn more about the series: video promo of the series

Pupil’s Book + Activity Book + eBook

The Pupil’s Book has an integrated Activity Book at the back. Levels A & B include integration games, cut-outs and stickers. The Pupil’s Book brings a code to access the eBook with audio, songs and animated or enriched stories (according to the Level) and the Build your own story tool.

Teacher’s Book + Audio CD pack

Apart from the Audio CD, packs for Levels A & B include the Visual Aids Booklet and Posters. The Teacher’s Book brings a code to access the eBook with audio, songs and animated or enriched stories (according to the level), the digital Teacher’s Book and the Teacher’s Resource Centre.

Macmillan Digital 

Digital resources are available for teachers and pupils at http://digital.macmillan.com.ar:

Teacher’s Resource Centre with downloadable Teacher’s Book, audio files, tests, and photocopiable extra activities and worksheets, animated stories (Levels A–2), digital flashcards (Levels A & B) and Build your own story tool.

Pupil’s Book eBook enriched with audio, animations and navigation tools. It is compatible with all devices and available online on our Biblioteca online or offline on our Macmillan Digital app.

Build Your Own Story tool

Build Your Own Story is an interactive tool which both pupils and teachers can use to create their own stories in a comic stripformat, adding the landscapes, characters and dialogues that they want.  

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